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Test Purchasing

Test Purchasing outlets in support of Challenge 25 training to assess whether staff are implementing Challenge 25 policy. Telephone 01428 658493 to arrange a programme or email

Challenge 25 mystery shopping

Our test purchasers will look and act as underage purchasers of alcohol, cigarettes, offensive weapons and any products for which age checking is the law

Conducted in a controlled environment, they are in a position to observe and report on how the purchase or refusal is conducted

We tailor our programmes to your needs - not to a tickbox checklist

Challenge 25 Training

Training your staff in how Challenge 25 is implemented, on your premises

Challenge 25 point of sale

Challenge 25 posters, wipe-clean, for you to display in your store or bar

Cost of challenge 25 training

Price Tariff for test purchasing programmes and on-site training in Challenge 25