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What happens when an underage purchaser tries to buy product wearing a mask? The test purchaser in our video was not even challenged for ID Call us on 01428 658493 to talk about Challenge 25 test purchasingg

Watch this video to see how a retailer copes with a young looking purchaser wearing a mask

The opening of pubs and retailers selling age related products such as alcohol and tobacco products brought about a new aspect of having to check the identification of persons thought to be underaged

The implications of Covid and how to handle sales are now included in our training and test purchasing services

See this video to see the pitfalls and then learn more about test purchasing Challenge 25

Teaching your employees how to implement Challenge 25

Challenge 25 Training

Test Purchasing pubs, hotels and retailers for under aged sales & purchases

Challenge 25 point of sale

Our Rate Sheet for Challenge 25 training & testing, with discount for multiples

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