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Training & Test Purchasing


Contact us at Challenge 25 and we will arrange train for your employees and test purchasing for evaluation. Telephone Challenge 25 on 01428 658493 or email

Challenge 25 have been training your staff in how to handle underaged sales for more than a decade in a location that has the most impact - yours. Our trainers visit you, and demonstrate the ramifications of Challenge 25. Our training courses now integrate best practice in Covid implementation as to the way it relates to Challenge 25

Call us on 01428 658493

By undergoing staff training you will avoid trouble with the licensing authorities, improve your staff performance and know how to tactfully handle refusal

You will undoubtedly avoid a costly license review that could jeopardise your licence and livelihood

As well as training your people, we will conduct a test purchase programme in a controlled environment, reporting the results back to you for you to evaluate and improve

Challenge 25 Training

We deliver on-site Challenge 25 training at an economic price, made convenient and cost-effective for your business

Challenge 25 Training

Test-purchasing your business with attempted underage transactions reported back to you without recrimination in an evaluation report

Test Purchasing Challenge 25

What happens when a test purchaser wears a mask? Watch this video to see how she goes unchallenged for ID

Contact us for free Challenge 25 posters to demonstrate your compliance and adherence to Challenge 25 and it's policies

Free Challenge 25 posters